About Library Instruction Publications

From Empowering Students:

Several years ago, I began the time-consuming task of developing a unique library exercise or activity for each student in a research writing class which was scheduled for six library instruction sessions. Students selected their own research topics with the approval of their classroom instructor; the topics ranged from an investigation of the pituitary gland in older horses to the influence of baseball on the American culture. Each term I developed search strategies for a wide variety of topics. Because I had committed much time and effort to this project, I was anxious to evaluate whether my instructional objectives had been achieved; not only were my objectives achieved, but both faculty and student evaluations at the end of each term were very positive.

I began doing similar exercises for other courses. For example, a newspaper writing class required that each student write an obituary, so I designed exercises using biographical reference sources. I constantly reworked the exercises and created new ones. This book is the outcome of my realization that all this hard work should be shared with colleagues with the hope that they will find practical applications for this information in their own library instruction sessions.

Marilyn P. Whitmore
Editor/Publisher, Library Instruction Publications