"I have brought these publications to the attention of both new and more experienced librarians to help generate instruction ideas. They have been very excited about them and are pleased to see that such publications exist to both save time and give them neww ideas and perspectives on teaching."

Tracy L. Hull
Drexel University

Students benefit from active learning!

That's the simple premise behind Library Instruction Publications and the Active Learning Series: provide creative, high quality lesson plans – designed and field tested by librarians – that emhpasize experiential learning and help students build essential research skills and techniques. Each book comes with a disk containing the handouts, worksheets and other materials from the lesson plans; these can be adapted or used as is.

New and Forthcoming

Now available ... Information Literacy through the Streets of Hollywood
Active Learning Series, no. 10
As teachers and librarians we appreciate and eagerly embrace instructional techniques and devices that engage students in the learning process.

This book strives to provide librarians and other teachers with resources and ideas to better educate our students in Information Literacy using visual media. In this publication, we discuss the useo of these resources for both in- and out-of class assignments following the information literacy guidelines set forth by ACRL. more...

Editors: Gerald T. Burke andd Carol Anne Germain, University of Albany

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